Yokozuna Clash by Yggdrasil Logo
Yokozuna Clash by Yggdrasil Logo

On August 22nd of 2019, Yggdrasil released its slot Yokozuna Clash! In this slot, you’ll see a fantastic sumo wrestling spectacle with beautiful animations. As the fighters or rikishi‘s are fighting you’ll see multipliers and wilds flying through the Dohyo! Enjoy our review of this modern Japanese martial art based slot!

Yokozuna Clash by Yggdrasil Gameplay
Yokozuna Clash by Yggdrasil Gameplay

While playing Yokozuna Clash, you’ll see both of the wrestlers interact with your spins. The wrestler on the left provides you with wild symbols as he stomps the floor. The one on the right gives you a multiplier for the current spin.

There are 5 reels and 243 pay lines win both ways. You can place bets anywhere from €0.10 up to €125 per spin! This combined with the option to auto-spin an infinite amount of times surely makes this interesting. You’re able to play the slot on any device and there’s a free to play version of the slot at the end of this review.

Something special about this slot is that you’ll only need 2 scatter symbols to trigger the free spin feature! The symbols you’re looking for are Red “Free Spins”. Getting one symbol activates the traditional dramatic scene with the focus on the other reels combined with some jolts of lightning to really get your juices flowing!
The feature is called the Tournament Free spins and instead of getting a number of free spins, a competitive match decides over how many free spins you’ll get.

When you’re spectating this Free Spins Tournament, you’ll see a Power Meter on the bottom of your screen. Every time one of the wrestlers hits the other, the bar moves in that direction. The first fight is the semi-final. If you’re able to defeat the first opponent you’ll move on to the final where an even stronger opponent is ready to whoop your ass. Winning the final round gives you a 2x multiplier on your wins!

Each opponent has its own feature:

  • Daisuku and Riku: spawns wild symbols over the reels
  • O’Connor and Hazu: add a 3x or 4x multiplier to the current spin
  • Yokozuna: adds wild symbols and a multiplier to the current spin

The slot is very fun to play and after a couple of spins, you’ll soon get the hang of what everything on the board does. As expected from Yggdrasil the visuals and mechanics are on point. The winning potential of 3000 times your bet makes this an exciting experience. We look forward to seeing your wrestling match victories on our forum!

Yokozuna Clash (Yggdrasil)

Game title: Yokozuna Clash

  • Basegame
  • Feature game
  • Potential


● Reels: 5
● Rows: 3
● Paylines: 243
● RTP: 96.3%.
● Max Payout: 3449x credits
● Volatility: M
● Bets: 0.10 – 125 EUR
● Free Spins, Free Spins Tournament, Multiplier

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