Social Tournaments S2 by Pragmatic Play
Social Tournaments S2 by Pragmatic Play

Social Tournaments – the new face of iGambling industry

Social Tournaments is an online platform where players can join for free and participate in slot tournaments to win real money prizes. It costs absolutely nothing to join and you have a chance to win some extra pocket money, with a monthly prize pool of 20.000$. Social Pass Season 1 started on November 12 and will be on air until mid-February.

Avatars and emojis, a ranking system based on completing challenges and unlocking Reward Chests and a chat function – this is what Season 1 brought to its players. For Season 2, the Social Tournaments Team are refining a bunch of new features.

Social Pass Season 2

The second season brings players a new type of tournament, a new winning system and new sections on the website. Starting with February 12, besides the familiar tournaments, you will have the possibility to gain access to a special tournament called the Featured Tournament. You can join it only if you are rewarded with a Golden Ticket. will surprise its players with new segments where you can find out more about your achievements and about your favorite games. You will soon be able to read about future game releases or about what’s now in the gambling industry in a News Section. Another segment they’ll be adding is the Hall of Fame Page. Statistics about top players and most played games will be displayed and accessible to all players. Everybody will see how awesome a player you are.

Another novelty is the chance to get awarded with real money. Starting with Season 2, the Reward Chests can award you not only with cool Avatars and Emojis but also with Cash Prizes. This is for real, we’re dead serious.

New Avatars (even cooler and cuter than the present ones) and Emojis are being prepared, so get ready for an avalanche of new faces in your Collection. 

The Social Tournaments Team thought that you might get too familiar with the current winning-points system, so they built a new structure that’ll apply to all tournaments, including the Featured Tournament. In short, you’re going to be awarded a certain number of points if you lose or win 3 spins in a row. Hitting an established multiplier will bring you points too. Win a low multiplier twice (between 10 and 99 times your stake) and you’ll receive points. A high multiplier (over 100 times your bet) will award you a greater number of points. 

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