Golden Cryptex by Red Tiger Logo
Golden Cryptex by Red Tiger Logo

Red Tiger releases Golden Cryptex. The cryptex consists of a hollow cylinder containing a scroll of papyrus. On the outside are 5 rotating brass rings with letters. Only with the proper combination of letters can the cylinder be opened. In the cryptex, there is also a glass ampoule with vinegar, which would break if the cryptex were broken. It was used in the movie ” The DaVinci Code ” and gained much popularity afterward. the internet is full of cryptex for those who want to test their skills.

 Leonardo Da Vinci style anyone? The new game features an rtp of 95.78% and max win of x1525
Golden Cryptex by Red Tiger Gameplay

Golden Cryptex has five reels and three rows with only 3 paylines… Payouts are granted if you have a min of three symbols starting from the first reel. Bets can be made from 10 Eurocenbt up too 60 Euros. If you manage to have a line with five ‘sevens symbols’ it will return you to 150 times the stake.


  • Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces
  • A bell
  • A Horseshoe
  • A star
  • Seven 7

Let’s have a closer look at the special features. During the normal game, if there are more Aces on the top or bottom row there is a chance that the Golden Pointer will move to that row and trigger a second spin. The goal is to achieve 5 aces in front of the golden pointer and receive the feature: Golden spins.

During Golden Spins, when the Code is cracked, immediately a prize is granted and 3 Bonus Spins are awarded and the paying symbol is upgraded. When the highest symbol is reached it will remain for the duration of Golden Spins. The bonus spins and the payout of the highest-paying Code will not change and it will be awarded each time the Code is cracked.

This new video slot has some nice features but the low payout chances of nearly x1500 times the stake don’t make it a video slot where you could have huge changes on your bank account.

Golden Cryptex (Red Tiger)
  • Basegame
  • Feature game
  • Potential


● Reels: 5
● Rows: 3
● Paylines: 3
● Default RTP: 95.78%
● Max Payout: x1.525
● Variance: M
● Bets: 0.10 – 60 EUR
● Features: Golden Spins, Cryptex Cash, Second Chance


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