Responsible Gambling

Gambling on online casino’s needs to be fun at first. Playing slots, roulette, cards, it should all be fun. For some people playing online casino’s can become a problem instead of a fun way to spend some time.

Responsible gaming should be for fun not for the money. When you start playing to cover losses or just to make money you might be developing a gambling addiction. To keep everything under control you can set some guidelines for yourself:

  • set yourself time and money limits and stick to them
  • take regular breaks from playing (exclude yourself from playing, eg cooldown period)
  • never chase your loses, always stop playing when you have reached your limit
  • only spend what you can afford to lose
  • set deposit limits (monthly, weekly or daily)

Most online Casino sites offer you the above options.

If the above still isn’t enough, ask the casino to self-exclude.

Recognize compulsive gambling:

  • are you spending more money and time on gambling than intended?
  • are you hiding your gambling from other people?
  • are you borrowing money to pay for living expenses to support your gambling habit?
  • are you losing interest in other activities?
  • are you finding work or your relationships are becoming affected?
  • are you starting to lie about your gambling?
  • are you not going to work or not home as often?

If you answer yes on any of the above questions you might have a gambling problem. If you want to double-check please consult the quiz Concerned about your gambling on the BeGambleAware site. The results of this Quiz will give you a better understanding.

Steps to Take If You Think You Have a Problem

The first step is admitting you have a gambling problem. Once you have admitted this, you can start working on the problem. Some guidelines:

  • Use the 5 steps described above
  • Talk with friends or someone anonymous about your problem
  • Use the website to self-exclude yourself
  • Track your non gambling days so you have an progress indicator and congratulate yourself

There are some sites which can provide you with the support you require.